Saturday, May 2, 2015

84th Urs Shareef 
Hazrat Rasheed Moulana Bagdadi (rah)

(Father of Hazrat Hasan Moulana Bagdadi(rah))

Urs Date    : 10th-May-2015 
                     (Sunday night at 10 pm)

Venue        : Dargah-e-Hasan Moulana Bagdadi (rah)

Events of the function to be held on 10th May 2015:

10:00pm--------------Zikr Majlis.
11:30pm------------- Salam,Sandal and Fatiha.
4:00am----------------Khatam Khaseeda Burdha Shareef.
4:30am:---------------Khatam Khaseeda Ghousia.
After Fajr Namaz--Khatam Quran Shareef.

Book on the great saint "Hayat-e-qualandari" is also available in URDU.

H.Habibullah Shah
Mureed of Hazrat Syed Hasan Moulana Bagdadi(rah)
and also Sajjada Nasheen(Muthavalli)
of Dargah-e-Hazrat Hasan Moulana Bagdadi(rah).

Adderss Of the Dargah Shareef:

235,Lingichetty Street,

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