Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to Dargah-e-Hazrat Syed Hasan Moulana Khadri Bagdadi (rah)

(11th March 2011)

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The detailed Report of Urs function can be seen in "The Hindu" dated 18th March 2011 in "Friday Review section". Don't miss to see it......

Photos of Nishaan (Flag Hoisting) held on 6th march 2011:

Photos of Urs Shareef held on 11th march 2011:

Zikr Session:

Dua Session:

Naat,Salaam and Mankhabet session:

Naat and Khaseeda session at 2.00 am:

Urs Posters:

Please click on the poster for the larger view

Events of the function held on 11th March 2011:

10:00pm--------------Zikr Majlis.
11:30pm------------- Salam,Sandal & Fatiha.
4:00am----------------Khatam Khaseeda Burdha Shareef.
4:30am:---------------Khatam Khaseeda Ghousia.
After Fajr Namaz--Khatam Quran Shareef.

Book on the great saint "Hayat-e-qualandari" is also available in URDU.

H.Habibullah Shah
Mureed of Hazrat Syed Hasan Moulana Bagdadi(rah)
& also Sajjada Nasheen(Muthavalli)
of Dargah-e-Hazrat Hasan Moulana Bagdadi(rah).

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