Wednesday, February 3, 2010

His Life

About his life:

Qutubul Akhtab Hazrath Hafiz Syed Habeeb Mohammed Hasan Moulana Khadiri Baghdadi (Raz) is the 31st descendant of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) and 19th descendant of Hazrat Ghouse-e-Aazam dastageer(rah).

The Sufi saint born in Baghdad came to Hyderabad in early 20th century with his father Hazrath Syed Rasheed Maulana Baghdadi Khadiri (Raz) to propagate the spiritual aspect of Islam.

Having gained training in the spiritual aspects Of Islam from his mentor,  Colombo’s patron saint Hazrath Syed Saleh Maulana Madani (Raz), the Hazrath became a Qutub, which is the highest order in Islamic spiritualism.
The saint revered by the people of Chennai in general and locals of Mannady in particular chose Chennai as his final resting resting place.

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