Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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1.Basheer Ahmad asked:
How is the connection of Hazrat Hasan moulana(Rah) and Srilanka Khaleel own moulana- al-Hasaniul Hasimi? please explain....


Assalamalaikum dear Basheer Ahmad,

No doubt he is a syed belonging to descendents of prophet (sws) .He is directly not related to Hazrat Hasan moulana Bagdadi (rah). He gets connected to Hazrat Hasan Moulana's silsala from Hazrat Syed samsudeen and Hazrat Allaudin (Refer silsala of khaleel moulana visit for more details of silsala.

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Basheer Ahamed said...

How is connection of Hasan moulana (Rah) and Srilanka Khaleel own moulana- al- Hasaniul Hasimi ? please explain .